The Elections of 1816 and 1820

1816: James Monroe 183
Rufus King 34

1820: James Monroe 231
John Quincy Adams 1

Near disaster in the War of 1812 did not prevent Virginia Republicans from extending their dominance of the presidency in the election of 1816.  The Republican caucus again nominated the incumbent Secretary of State to succeed the retiring president.  James Monroe was elected easily against weakening Federalist opposition, and reelected four years later with all but one electoral vote.  The first American party system came to an end with the demise of the Federalists.  While partisanship temporarily subsided in the “Era of Good Feelings,” sectional crisis erupted over the admission of Missouri as a slave state and the status of slavery in the territories of Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase.  The rise of Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson, foreshadowed the development of a new party system.

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