Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, California

A lot of us still don’t get what it was that gave Ronald Reagan such a broad appeal to the American electorate, to say nothing of the adulation accorded to him by one part of that electorate. (OK, I at least don’t get it.) Maybe that means we especially need a visit to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. The complex houses the usual collection of presidential and official records and exhibits of Reagan memorabilia. The Ronald Reagan Library is part of the presidential libraries system administered by the National Archives and Records Administration.

From Los Angeles and points south, take the 405 North to the 118 West. Exit at Madera Road South. Turn right on Madera. Proceed 3 miles to Presidential Drive. From Santa Barbara and points north, take the 101 South to the 23 North, Exit at Olsen Road. Turn right on Olsen. Proceed 2 miles to Presidential Drive. Follow Presidential Drive up the hill to the Library, follow signs for parking.

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