Princeton Battlefield State Park, New Jersey

In many ways, George Washington was not a great battlefield general. He lost more battles than he won, and he had a bad habit of allowing his army to be outflanked in the field. In two of his victories, at Trenton and Princeton, he was fortunate to be able to fight detachments that his own meager forces outnumbered. Nevertheless, Washington caught British regulars by surprise at the Battle of Princeton and inflicted a clear defeat on them. The victory at Princeton, along with the triumph at Trenton just a few days earlier, restored the morale of the patriot cause at the end of an otherwise disastrous campaign in which Wshington had been driven from New York and the Continental Army had nearly been destroyed. The State of New Jersey preserves part of the battlefield as the Princeton Battlefield State Park. The park includes the famous Mercer Oak, which once stood in the middle of the battlefield near the spot where General Hugh Mercer fell. It also preserves the Clarke House, where General Mercer died nine days after the battle. The house contains period furniture and Revolutionary War exhibits. The Princeton Battle Monument, designed by sculptor Frederick MacMonnies, is located at Stockton Street and Bayard Street in the town of Princeton.

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