Ninety Six National Historic Site, South Carolina

The settlement of Ninety Six got its unusual name from traders in the 1700s because they mistakenly believed it be 96 miles from the Cherokee village of Keowee in the upper South Carolina foothills. During Ninety Six’s early days, there was considerable trouble with local Indians. In 1760, Cherokees twice attacked the fort that protected the settlement at Ninety Six. By the the time of the American Revolution, the village at Ninety Six had 12 houses and a newly constructed courthouse and jail. Ninety Six was the site of a famous siege during the Revolution. From May 22 to June 18, 1781, Major General Nathanael Greene with 1,000 patriot troops staged the longest (yet unsuccessful) siege of the Revolutionary War against 550 loyalists who were defending Ninety Six. The historic site sponsors an historic reenactment event, called Revolutionary War Days, every year. Participants dress in period attire and depict military and camp life activities. They also demonstrate 18th century skills such as bayonet competition and tomahawk throwing competition.

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