John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Massachusetts

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum is part of the Presidential Library System administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. The research collections of the Kennedy Library comprise nearly 34,000,000 million pages of documents and manuscript material, more than 1,000 oral history interviews, 147,000 photographs, 6,600 reels of film, nearly 11,000 reels of audiotape, and 25,000 cataloged books. Contact the library for information about access to the library’s collections. The museum houses a variety of permanent and temporary exhibits on the life and career of John F. Kennedy, the Kennedy family, and twentieth century American history.

The Kennedy Library is located on Columbia Point in Boston, close to route I-93. From the South: Route 3/I-93 (Southeast Expressway) to Dorchester. Take Exit 14 to Morrissey Boulevard. Follow signs to the University of Massachusetts and JFK Library. Buses take Exit 15, turn right off ramp and follow signs. From the North: Route I-93 or Route I-95 south to Boston and onto Southeast Expressway (Route 3/I-95). Take Exit 15, follow signs to the University of Massachusetts and JFK Library.

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