Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is a museum on the civil rights movement, from the era of segregation to the birth of the movement and the worldwide struggle for civil and human rights. The exhibits are organized into several galleries. The Barriers Gallery, designed to display everyday life for blacks in Birmingham during the post-war era of segregation, includes exhibits such as white and colored drinking fountains, and the Carver Theatre, a part of Birmingham’s African American district where blacks could see movies without being required to sit in the balcony. The Movement Gallery has displays on the turbulent times from 1955 to 1965, when the Rev. Martin Luther King was most active in Alabama. The Milestones Gallery consists of fifteen burnished steel obelisks that detail dates of significant events from the civil rights movement, including the election of the first blacks to the Alabama Legislature, the Alabama Supreme Court, the U. S. Senate, the Birmingham City Council, and the Birmingham’s office of the Mayor. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is also a center for education and discussion about civil and human rights issues. The Institute’s projects and services promote research, provide information, and encourage discussion on human rights in America and around the world.

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