Baranof Castle State Historic Site, Alaska

Baranof Castle State Historic Site commemorates the ceremony held here on October 18, 1867 that transfered Alaska from Russia to the United States for the sum of $7.2 million. From the early 1800s, Castle Hill was the home of the Russian governors and served as the colonial capitol of Russian-America. After the Russians left, the building was utilized by the U.S. military for a time and then abandoned. The “Castle” burned to the ground in 1894. Recent archaeological investigations and data analysis continue to contribute to our understanding of this era in Alaskan heritage. Although no structures remain, today’s visitors may access the site. Castle Hill is both a State Historic Site and a National Historic Landmark. It is surrounded by a stone enclosure with interpretive plaques and artfully placed Russian cannons. With its superb view of Sitka Sound, it is obvious why the Tlingit and subsequently the Russians chose to occupy this location.

Location Information and Directions

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