Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz is one of the most popular tourist sites of any kind in the
country. For purposes of “traveling the past,” Alcatraz is a “three-fer.”
Alcatraz was initially intended to be a fortified stronghold in San Francisco
Bay. It was, however, never very functional as a military facility. It was too
far out in the bay to be resupplied easily, and some of its military buildings
were obsolete even before they were finished. Still, Alcatraz served as a
military prison before it was a civilian one. For 34 years of course, Alcatraz
was the civilian “mother of prisons,” the maximum-security penitentiary el
supremo, theā€¦ , well, you get the point. Alcatraz may not have been too far from
land for some very strong swimmers, but currents, tides, and water temperature
of the bay made it the safest place to put the “worst of the worst.” Finally,
Alcatraz was the scene of a controversial 19-month action by an organized group
of Native Americans, who occupied the island to claim it and call attention to
the historical wrongs against their people. Oh, there’s also a fine lighthouse,
and the view alone is well worth the ferry ride.

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